Brittany’s Graduation Photo shoot in Florida Part 2 -Maryland Senior Photographer

Meet Bambi, Brittany’s new horse. Brittany took me to see the horses she works with on a beautiful and hot Sunday morning a couple weeks ago in Venice, Florida. We took these photos before it got too hot for the horses. Bambi was so patient standing still and allowing Brittany to pose with her. 

Chip is a friend of Bambi’s. When Bambi’s baby was taken away too soon she filled the void with Chip, a young horse looking for a mother figure and they have been inseparable ever since. Wherever Bambi went, Chip wanted to follow. Every time Brittany told him to leave he would circle around and come right back. 

Chip did it again. This time neither Brittany nor I saw him coming before he snuck over Bambi’s neck to nibble on Brittany’s hair. I snapped this photo just as Brittany and I noticed him. It was a fun moment and neither of us could stop laughing!
Back to the stables.
Meet Papa cat. He is a lovable kitty who guards the stables and is always looking for someone to pet him. Please leave a comment and let me know which photos were your favorites. I will post the most popular ones onto my Facebook page. 

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