Baby Charlotte’s Cake Smash & Good Morning Lifestyle Photo Session | Connecticut Photographer

Days go by so quickly and those ordinary moments disappear and are replaced by new ones before you know it. Which is why before Charlotte’s cake smash I had the pleasure of photographing baby Charlotte and her parents as they began their day for a lifestyle session. No dressing up, no make up, no posing, just a family starting out their day in the simplest and most beautiful of ways; with each other. Charlotte loves her books and the first thing she reached for when she was brought downstairs was the pile of books on the table. She just loves to turn the pages and be read to,” Jessie told me. Below are several glimpses into their morning routine before Charlotte was given her very first birthday cake.


First Charlotte didn’t know what to do with the cake. She kept patting the top of it, but after tasting some frosting she went all in:

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