Anna & Andy’s Vieques Puerto Rico Wedding | Part 1 | Destination Photographer

1Anna and Andy’s wedding is one of my all time favorites because of the way they started their wedding day. Most weddings start with the getting ready stages, getting hair and make up and suiting up. It turns into a rush to make it to the alter on time. But not for Anna and Andy. The ladies started the day with soothing bridal beach yoga. Oh, yes, yoga! I have to say that before this I was not a huge yoga fan. I honestly tried, but I’m just not that chic. Until I joined Anna and her crew on the beach at 8 a.m. If only I could wake up to this every day. I could use some beach yoga right about now. I truly believe that Andy and Anna discovered the secret to having a stress-free wedding morning.

23456While the ladies did yoga and had a lovely breakfast by the beach the guys went skeet shooting. If you have ever played the original Nintendo duck hunt game you may remember shooting flying discs. (At least, that is what I compared this to.) I have to say, I was pretty impressed that the guys were able to shoot these little discs in the air. It was certainly fun to watch. The shooting location was done safely on top of a huge hill overlooking the ocean. 7981011The jeep ride down the hill was an adventure in itself! 1213Anna’s amazing friend Lee designed the flower arrangements herself. Lee is so very talented and she made the most gorgeous bouquets for the wedding.1426272815242519201617182930313233343536373839404142232122This moment between Anna and her father had me tearing up. I love the moment when the groom sees his wife to be for the first time, however, there is something extra magical about a parent looking at their daughter all grown up standing before them ready to start a marriage of their own.
4344I hope you all come back for Part 2 to see pictures of the ceremony and the wedding reception in Vieques. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my fiancé’s mother is fading from pancreatic cancer, so I will be going to New York to be with the family and by my fiancé’s side. I wanted to post the entire wedding together, but I I do not yet have the reception ready for the blog. At times like these I am so thankful to be a wedding photographer because life is so very beautiful, despite illness, the pain of loss, and missing the ones that have moved on from this life. There are still beautiful moments ahead and every day is a gift. I truly believe that little else could demonstrate the beauty of life than love. Love is one of life’s greatest treasures and it is a privilege to be a part of all these happy moments. I am so thankful to have been invited into Anna and Andy’s life to document this beautiful wedding. When I look at photos of happy memories, I have hope for the future and love for the past.

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