Anna & Andy’s Vieques Puerto Rico Destination Wedding|Part 2

aWithout a doubt I know that Andy and Anna are going to look back at their Puerto Rican destination wedding and say to themselves “we did it all.” This is a couple that truly knows how to make the most of every moment. The ceremony was tranquil, a loving and peaceful mood that was carried in from throughout the day, starting with morning yoga and skeet shooting. In my experience, it is rare that a couple can enjoy these fleeting moments without the rush and panic of getting everything together in time. No rushing here; only happiness and love, the way it should be. bcdefAt weddings, not everything goes according to plan. Yet sometimes that is for the better. During the ceremony the officient accidentally skipped over their personal vows. Anna and Andy enjoyed a quiet and private moment reciting their vows that they had written at the front of the villa for a very special memory.
gThis moment was really cute. Andy’s nephew was too shy to make it down the aisle on his own, but he carried out his ring bearer duties about ten minutes after the ceremony. Better late than never! hijklmI still don’t know the story behind the red clown nose.nopqrstuvwxyzThere were so many amazing fun couples at Anna and Andy’s destination wedding that I wish I had blog space to post every photo I took! I already miss exploring with this island crew pictured here. I feel as if we all became fast friends. z1z2Anna’s incredible floral bridal heels were a very big hit with the crowds when she held up her dress to dance. z3z4z5Parent dances make me smile and tear up all at the same time every time, yet nothing could prepare me for this one. You can see in a parent’s eyes the happiness and wonder that once not so long ago they were holding their baby and now they are holding one another again, this time dancing on their child’s wedding day. How is it that time can move so slowly some days, but then so fast? Andy’s dance with his mother on his wedding day was a dance that almost did not take place because there was worry that Andy’s mother would not be able to make the trip due to health concerns. Thankfully she was able to be there. The love this family feels for one another is truly beautiful and I could see it in the eyes of Andy’s father, sister, and family, as they looked on in pure joy as Andy and his mother danced. By far, this was the single most precious moment that defined the day. z6z7z8z9z10z11z12z13z14z15z16z17z18z19z20z21z22z23z24z25The best way to end a perfect island wedding: karaoke at your favorite bar.z26

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