Andy & Anna | Southbury, Connecticut Wedding | Farm to Table Backyard Wedding

dscf0732Anna and Andy said “I do” again, this time in front of all their closest friends and family at Anna’s family home. If you recognize this lovely couple, you may have seen them here from their Puerto Rico wedding back in March. Every detail of their first ceremony and reception was well thought out, so it was not surprising that this back yard wedding turned into a summer night fairytale.

Hundreds of flowers, all hand designed by their incredible friend Lee who is starting her own florist business soon, were placed around the ceremony and reception site, on tables, and even on this incredible 1939 Dodge truck. The ceremony located at the front of their pond with an alter made from french doors that used to belong to their home. Anna’s father fashioned them into an incredible altar with the same unity candle that was at her parent’s wedding. Chairs found in that attic from Anna’s grandparents made an eclectic seating arrangement.

Andy and Anna’s families spent all week putting up the tent with the incredible Christmas lights and garlands as well as the bistro lights over the food stations, outdoor bar, fire pit, cigar station, and a seating area with a sofa and love seat covered in a white cover made my Anna’s mother. Yard games, an instant camera guest book, a paddle boat, and tractor rides entertained guests before the dancing started. There were also plenty of details that were simply too special for a camera to capture, such as the thousands of laser light sin the trees that created an artificial, but incredible “firefly” display.

Congratulations, Andy and Anna! I truly enjoyed working with both of you, especially because you made the beginning of your life together all about celebrating the people in your lives that love and support you. It is your appreciation for the small things that matter, each other, and the people you love that illustrates how wonderful your life together are going to be. Congrats!

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