An Alternative Way To Spend Black Friday | Thankfulness November

The pressure to shop is strong this year with advertising for Black Friday making it our way since before Halloween. Promises of “deals and steals” have barraged our inboxes, mailboxes, computer screens, and televisions. You might know by now that I boycott Black Friday because I believe that the Thanksgiving season is all about being thankful for what you already have instead of joining the greedy frenzy to buy more and more stuff. People actually die every year from being trampled (and murdered) over the shopping frenzy. Their families will be suffering from the loss of their loved one this holiday season. If that isn’t enough to put Black Friday into perspective, perhaps these facts will. 

Instead, I propose an alternative Black Friday. Put the Thanks back into Thanksgiving by spending the day at home with those you love. Make the most of the season by giving your loved ones the ultimate gift: your time. 

Spend time together, create fun memories, and appreciate all the amazing things that you already have. 

And if you have some time at home, may I suggest a Black Friday purge. Room by room, go through every drawer, cabinet, and closet to remove items you no longer want or need. Donate duplicates, kitchen supplies, and clothing that is in good condition. One of the best ways to realize and appreciate all that you have, is recognizing that you have more than enough. Unclutter and donate to someone who is not as fortunate or who may put those long forgotten items of yours to good use. You can do this on your own or make it into a family activity. At the end of Black Friday you will be thankful for all the things that you have, your home will be an uncluttered oasis, and your bank account will be thanking you. 

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