Amanda & Brandon’s Prom | Aqua Turf

IMG-9368Amanda and Brandon showed up to prom in style in an old vintage Buick. We took some photos at Castle Craig in Meriden before arriving at the Aqua Turf. The rain held up, but the fog was pretty amazing. The fog added an old Hollywood drama to the location for prom portraits. The garden at the Aqua Turf was a picturesque backdrop for family portraits and some last minute photos before going into their final prom. IMG-9403IMG-9431IMG-9465IMG-9506IMG-9508IMG-9578IMG-9582IMG-9609IMG-9624IMG-9743IMG-9777IMG-9826IMG-9843IMG-9864IMG-9860IMG-9867IMG-9870IMG-9875IMG-9910IMG-9924IMG-9954IMG-9962IMG-9980IMG-9997IMG-0013IMG-0056

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