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After a full wedding season this Autumn and a packed social calendar, Matthew and I decided on a cozy weekend retreat in Vermont for our nine year dating anniversary. It is our last “dating anniversary” before we say “I do,” next June. Matthew has been working extra hard going to University full-time while also working as a junior engineer full-time so our weeks (and sadly our weekends!) have consisted of passing each other by. We blocked this weekend off early to have ourselves a quiet retreat!

A New England Autumn retreat in Vermont was exactly what we needed. A little late for prime leaf-peeping, but still full of stunning views and solitude in the mountains. In this noisy world, I needed a little getaway. If you’re looking for some solitude this November, I have just the thing. Vermont has the best welcome center, hands down, that I have ever been to for any US state. It also had a small museum and gardens. Welcome to Vermont! After nearly five hours of driving north and losing our way when we lost cell service, we finally made it to the cabin we rented through airbnb. I knew that I wanted us to have some time in a quiet, peaceful, and cozy place. I chose this cabin because of its authentic Vermont feel. Growing up, I spent most winters in Vermont with my family in a little cabin in Brattleboro, a town located much closer to Connecticut. Days were spent snowmobiling and playing in the snow. Nights were spent by the wood stove. With the chill in the air, I knew that a cabin with a wood stove would be ideal. My childhood home was heated by wood stove so it feels very homey to me!First task: Matthew lit us a nice warm fire while I got dinner started in the kitchen. We went simple: Matthew’s favorite baked beans with hot dogs, which worked for me because after the long day I didn’t feel like playing chef. I found my reading chair.We knew this cabin was meant to be when we found the Boordy wine glass. Boordy was our favorite vineyard close to our old apartment in Maryland. We have this glass at home too. A simple home made popcorn after dinner to snack on while watching Casper. Then some time to read by the fire before bed. I simply love Bella Grace magazine. In praise of solitude. To experience Vermont is to spend time in solitude with yourself and nature. 

The cabin was situated right alongside a small lake. In the morning we got up early to watch the sun rise from a canoe. The best way to experience Vermont and all of New England is to live like the locals and appreciate the authenticity of each place. Vermont feels like a wilderness when you are tucked away in a cabin between the hills. You feel as if there are so few people in the world. Matthew and I certainly felt like we were the only people around for miles. Solitude and time out in nature is so important for our wellbeing, like hitting a refresh button. I will be sharing more about the cabin, the canoe, and the rest of our trip soon. The world can feel so negative, overwhelming, and noisy at times. Slow down your Fall this November. 

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