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When I made it to Stamford this summer I could not believe all this was here. I grew up a decent drive away from Stamford and my family never had reason to drive there except when passing on our way to New York. Matthew invited me to meet some of his new friends from school who live in the city and I am so glad we made the drive (just a little over an hour from our little home town). The city has been growing rapidly and the new construction along the water has turned the harbor into a Connecticut destination. City nights in Stamford Connecticut make you feel like anything can happen. There is a train station a short walk from the harbor that goes right into NYC and trolleys carry locals around the city. For this country girl, Stamford is equal parts big and exciting and calm and inviting.

If you’re looking for a fun place to hang out with a group of friends or even for a romantic date, Harbor Point is your place. There is a lovely park and fountain across from the harbor and numerous shops and places to eat. Many of the restaurants have rooftop and outdoor seating so you may enjoy the view of the water. My favorite discovery was the cute little sandy beach right on the pier! (P.S. All photos in this post were captured with my Fujifilm X100T .)

We loved this little beach idea. We also found this really fun Zumba club dancing near the water. Other fitness groups were also running and working out by the water. If I lived any closer I would have joined this group. They looked like they were having fun!

There are numerous places to eat, especially with outdoor or rooftop seating. The guys chose World of Beer for the evening. I treated myself to a glass of red wine and enjoyed the conversation over snacks and the most amazing flatbread while the guys enjoyed their beer flights.

Before driving home we wandered into the park. It has a cute entrance and the sweetest bistro tables set up along the sidewalks. The fountain was lit up at night. It looks like the place to be for locals during a weekday lunch break. There was also a book café nearby that I would love to return to. I hope to return soon with a good group of friends. Stamford, especially Harbor Point, is the place to be.


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