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2017 was a big year for Live Lovely Photography. I quit a toxic full-time job to pursue my photography business and got in touch with my photojournalistic roots. Although I did more planning and business than actual photography, I feel that I accomplished a lot this year. Something I learned this year is that it is worth appreciating how far you have come over negative self-talk over how far you have yet to go. Success is all in the eye of the beholder.

In 2017 I traveled, started a blog, worked on a photojournalism project, photographed numerous weddings, maternity shoots, and my first ever styled shoot and surprise proposal, all while planning my own wedding and honeymoon and working another job part-time. When I feel that I have so much further to go, I like to compile my favorite images of the year to remind myself of all the amazing moments I have experienced during the course of the year. It is a visual reminder of just how much I have really done and quickly puts myself into perspective.  As a photographer, I tried new things (and a new camera!), accomplished creative poses, played with new techniques for off-camera lighting, and captured incredible moments for my clients to include in the legacy of their lives together.

2017 was a year of no fear, starting with a photojournalism project at the Women’s March in January. I finally had the chance to photograph an engagement in the snow! (And made two new lovely friends in the process.) 
I photographed my travels and documented them on my blog. In the process, I learned more about this beautiful country that I call home. 
My favorite maternity photos of 2017:(I don’t normally offer newborn photography as it is not my niche, but for family and friends I welcome the new photography challenge and the opportunity to document the first days at home for the people I love) I took these precious photos of my newest nephew:

A surprise proposal! 

The Weddings

My favorite getting ready wedding images of 2017 (Every hotel room always proposes a unique challenge for photography and lighting. It always amazes me how each wedding morning is so different from wedding to wedding. I never know what to expect or what kind of images I will capture until I am there.):

Favorite 2017 Wedding Details:

First Looks & Bridal Portraits 2017:

Ceremonies 2017: 

Wedding Parties 2017:

Receptions 2017:

Styled Shoot 2017: (My first styled wedding shoot!)

Of course, critiquing myself is almost inevitable when I look at my own photographs, yet I take this opportunity to appreciate what I got right, to be kind to myself, and to encourage myself to make the next wedding my best wedding yet, just as I do at the beginning of every wedding I photograph. Here is to 2018. May it be just as amazing as 2017 and even more so. 

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